Dr. Inoka Wimaladharma

Dr Inoka Wimaladharma

Dr. Inoka Wimaladharma

About Dr Inoka Wimaladharma, After Graduating with 1st class honours in 2003, Dr. Inoka joined the Dental School as a senior lecturer. Her enthusiasm for obtaining more knowledge led her to start Post graduate studies in Restorative Dentistry. During her speciality training she studied all aspects of cosmetic dentistry including Veneers, crown and bridge, root canal treatment and other advance procedures.

As a part of her post graduate training she came to Australia and completed her Masters in Restorative Dentistry at Griffith University. At Griffith University, she worked, studied and participated in student teaching programme especially in prosthodontics.

As a mother of two beautiful kids, Dr. Inoka enjoys her family life immensely. On her free time she loves to dance and read books.

As the female dentist of Terrace Family Dental Spring Hill, she provides excellent care for children and the elderly population as well as patients of all ages. Her special interest being cosmetic dentistry, she is confident in providing special care for all families in Brisbane.